A Hike to Kumar Parvata

3rd Dec, 2016

Well, Kumar Parvata trek is one of the most challenging treks in western ghats of Karnataka, covering almost 22 kms and usually done in 2 days.

Boys from Yodlee had decided to got for it and I got an accidental chance to join as one of our friends Vaibhav couldn’t join on the last day. We started the journey from Majestic station in Bengaluru and boarded a train to Subrahmanya.

The trek starts with an ancient and famous temple Kukke Subrahmanya in the village. We started our trek early morning after eating some breakfast in the village and entered into a dense forest. Hiking this time was not easy as we had to carry our luggage- which included few clothes, food, water and heavy tents material as well on our back. The sounds of water flowing around, birds chirping and forest animals at a distance made it a unique experience for us.

The forest trail lasts around for few hours with almost 5 kms covered. A soon as we came out of forest, this magnificent view was waiting for us. After some more walking and hiking, we reached the only house on the way as they call- Bhattara Mane. They provide lunch to all the people trekking this route while going as well as coming down. The simple daal- rice food tasted way better than anything else after such a tiring hike! After this, we reached the forest office, where we had to make our entries and rest for the day. The good thing about forest officer is also that they don’t allow any plastic to take further. We roped in our tents in nearby area and had some fun with campfire and music.

The next dawn, we again started climbing up further after freshen up. We had to cover most of our distance before the sun starts soaking us and start our down trail as well. The trail from forest office to the peak involved many sections like steep climbing, again dense forest and waters and Shesha Parvata peak. There were leaches in the waters as the officers had warned us, but they don’t do much harm and can be removed with salt. Another way is to apply dettol to to the legs before entering waters.There were these small famous spots like Kallu Mantapa as they were the only places of rest. After this steep climb, we reached and rested near this hilltop a bit to enjoy the amazing views it offered.

The the journey to the base was lengthy but little less tiring as we knew the distance and had offloaded some food on the way up. We reached the base near the temple around later afternoon. After reaching down, one of the best things we did was to hire a jeep to take us to the Kumadhara river that flows from the village! We took some dips in the cold water and had some fun after tiring climb and down journey as we prepared ourselves to head back to Bengaluru. We took a KSRTC bus for our back journey and had a delicious dinner in the evening as the bus stopped on the highways.

Not to forget, we had some of the best memories with us and sense of accomplishment after completing 22 kms trek!

and at the end, as they say- Never Stop Exploring!

Another Software Engineer in Bangalore, loves trekking and hiking.